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Pregnant Florida Woman Blasts Man, Says He Gave Her HIV

Posted on May 22, 2017 at 4:50 PM

Huge shoutout to Kissy Denise for linking with me on one of the world's least talked about subjects.... HIV! In today's society people are more worried about how good someone looks and smells and not what their HIV and STD test results look like.

In society today we must be awake and aware of everything around us.

I want to share with you all the most recent article by Kissy that briefly talks about a woman named Nina Ross from Jacksonville, Florida who about a month ago made a video on Facebook Live stating that she has slept with two men and is not only pregnant by one of them but is HIV Positive and it's from one of the two as well.

Where do we even begin to decipher this drama? Well Devon Davenport says that he's negative and showed her a test to prove it. the problem with the test is that it doesn't show his name anywhere on the test. If you are attempting to clear your name you'd make sure it was showing big and clear! 

There are also tests results from Zel Zilla that clearly show the results were negative, his name, the test administers name, and the date. People quickly jumped on the test takers case when rumor said that he faked the results for Zel and that he was in fact really HIV Positive. Mr. Heard defended himself by saying that he didn't know Zel and that he did his job and nothing fraudulent was done. After searching the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office it was determined that Mr. Heard was never arrested as someone claimed.

The fact remains that a woman is now HIV positive and pregnant with risks of transmitting this virus to her child during birth. With present medical advances the risk is low but it's not completely impossible.

Click this link to watch her video blasting both men and placing the blame on just one of them and also my response to the situation with the current information and evidence that has been made public.

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